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Cat calls and phone calls

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I have yet to vote today due to the 3 hours of class I had, the time I spent interviewing students, the article I just wrote for tomorrow and the three meals I ate to suppress my never-ending appetite. But on my way from the DC to class to the library to student union and then back to the DC, I have notice the large amount of activists on campus that are in support of Barack Obama.

I have yet to see one McCain supporter walking around campus wearing a “McCain National Leadership Team” pin or lobbying their opinions with a microphone in support of McCain.

What I have seen is an enormous amount of shirts and pins endorsing Obama and of course the two kids with a microphone yelling out ridiculous comments in an effort to get students to vote.

Seems as if the majority of students that walk around campus during the day are Obama fans …Maybe the McCain supporters only come out at night … I have no idea.

I stopped by the student union to talk to some people at the phone bank which was organized by UMass for Barack Obama.

When I got there what I saw was dozens of UMass students cooped up in room 407 of the student union spending every second reciting their pre-written speech over the phone in effort to get people to vote for Barack Obama.

These students are extremely devoted to supporting Barack Obama and I know so because of their willingness to replicate the same speech endlessly throughout the day.

Around lunch time one volunteer got the answering machine around 12 straight times and had to leave messages. These volunteers are pretty devoted; imagine reciting a page-long speech for 40 minutes to an answering machine. That’s some serious determination.

“UMass for Barack Obama has had great reception ever since we started in 2007,” Media and Publicity Coordinator, Ashley Coulombe said. “Students at UMass really have love for Barack Obama.”
posted by Collegian Staff, 4:39 PM


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