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The Collegian News Blog

An Anarchist Votes?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What pray tell, was an anarchist doing voting today? Well, I'm an anarchist and I didn't vote today. I voted by absentee ballot because I'm from Vermont. I really don't know why I voted at all; the last smouldering ember of civic duty and good citizenship drilled into me at public schools.

I proudly wrote-in Ron Paul for president and Andrew Napolitano for vice-president. I doubt they'll win, but now I won't have any guilt for whatever atrocities McCain or Obama might commit. At the more local level I voted a broader line, my old science teacher's wife ran for State Senate so I checked off her name. I also voted to re-elect Jim Douglas governor not out of political conviction but because I think it's better for executives and legislatures to be opposed to one another.

But I'm still an anarcho-capitalist and I still voted. In a way I feel ashamed at betraying my principles of no government. I was reading just today about how "I voted" stickers are red--the red of coercion, state violence, war and government theft. We voters have blood on our hands and in many cases it is our own blood. Instead of fighting those who endevour to take our property and liberty we vote on how much we will let the theives take.

Yes, I voted today, and I'm sorry for it.

- Matthew R. Robare
posted by Collegian Staff, 5:33 PM


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