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The Collegian News Blog

A question of representation

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So my mission today was a simple one: to interview UMass students at the polling places about their reaction to having to vote for Senator in General Court, for which the two candidates are Senator Stanley C. Rosenberg (D) and Keith C. McCormic (R).

I decided to go to the polling place at Wildwood Elementary School, Amherst, since it was in close proximity to campus and since that is where most students were voting.

I headed out. But of course I take the wrong turn out of the campus and walk in the opposite direction, only to find myself at the North Fire Station, also a polling place, but one lacking any UMass voters. So I walk back the way I came, past campus, and onward to Wildwood Elementary; at least I was pleased with the long lines and numerous UMass students who I could interview about their thoughts on the candidates for Senator in General Court.

As I stood near the building exit (from where people left after voting), I spoke to several students, one of whom was even an alum. I didn’t know what to expect; maybe students had a very good idea about the candidates and what they stood for, or maybe they had no idea.

It turns out the majority of students whom I talked to fell into the latter category. Most students said they had never heard of either candidate and as a result, they either refrained from voting or voted for the party and not the candidate specifically.

Although one student did say that she did some research before coming to the polls, I think I can come to the general conclusion that neither candidate is well-known by students, and on the students’ part, that they didn’t take the time to make themselves aware that they would have to vote for Senator in General Court. Well, that gives us something to think about.

- Shalini Jayarama
posted by Collegian Staff, 5:52 PM


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